CEO & Creative Technologist

As CEO of NGX, Leigh provides valuable insight, direction and business savvy. As our Creative Technologist, Leigh imagines fun and innovative experiences for our interactive technology. Leigh is an honours graduate of Vancouver Film School's New Media Program, has over 20 years of interactive media experience, and is a recipient of the "Canadian Young Entrepreneur of the Year" award. Leigh's restless ambition is to realize the next great interactive idea.

Creative Director

Over a decade of experience in interactive agencies gives Andre the leadership skills and know-how to direct the creative process at NGX. He lives for storytelling, breathes design and eats motion in a very interactive world. Andre has worked for some of the world's largest companies, won some awards and packs a mean creative punch.

Producer & Project Manager

Hanna is a Producer & Project Manager with a knack for visitor experience and technical innovation. With a Bachelor's degree in History, a Masters Degree in Communication and Culture, and a background as Museum Curator, Hanna is our storytelling tech savvy purveyor of fancy words. Hanna represents NGX on the BCMA Innovation Council.

Senior Interactive Designer

As our Senior Designer, Justin's passion for design, usability, and interaction comes shining through. Justin is a cool character who has extensive experience in designing creative and engaging interfaces. With a degree in digital art and design from Thompson Rivers University, coupled with his many years of know-how it is no wonder Justin leaves a trail of top-calibre work in his wake. Justin is driven to doodle (and man can he doodle!) and that's just the way we like it.

Senior Systems Engineer

As Senior Systems Engineer, Eric shines with 5 star qualifications: a Diploma in Systems Analysis & Computing Studies, a Certificate in Database Development, an A+ and Network+ Certified Professional (CompTIA), a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Solution Developer (MCSD), and Database Administrator (MCDBA). With 25 years of software development experience, Eric has been a NGX pillar for 15 years. Eric is known as the quiet thinker who is the mastermind behind NGX systems.


Thomas demonstrates strong leadership and astute business acumen as Principal. With an MBA from Sauder School of Business (UBC) and a Commerce degree from McGill, Thomas has the academic background to bolster his experience. With a focus on financial analysis and strategic alliances, Thomas is often found in his pink socks musing over spreadsheets and big ideas.

Production Director

Our Production Director, Katie, is adept at managing people, process, and projects, while balancing schedules and budgets with prowess. As our rocket scientist, with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and expertise in robotics and satellites, she displays her zest for creative problem solving, all while getting the job done well.

Producer & Project Manager

Carolyn is a Producer & Project Manager with a Masters in Digital Media and a Bachelor's degree in Business. Carolyn thrives on requirements analysis, creative execution, and juggling deadlines. Carolyn has her sights set on making an impact on the cultural world through digital media – and her vivacity is contagious.

Content Strategist

Jason is an avid writer, biologist, and lifelong museum geek. With a Master's of Science in Evolutionary Zoology, he is a published science writer, an award-winning researcher, and a handy dandy dinosaur-skeleton builder! As our Content Strategist, he has a keen ability to passionately delve into a variety of topics with ease while transforming dense material into accessible and imaginative educational stories.

Interactive Developer

As Interactive Developer, Mike creates engaging software experiences for our physical installations. Mike is a versatile developer with knowledge in Actionscript, JavaScript, & Objective C. As a design enthusiast, he creates applications that are both aesthetically pleasing, as well as functionally intuitive. With a Diploma in Digital Media Design from the Centre for Arts and Technology, his work emphasizes creativity and interaction.

Interactive Developer

As Interactive Developer, Frederik combines his passion for gaming and his software development know-how to create memorable interactive exhibits. Frederik studied Medialogy at Aalborg University in Denmark, where he learned about human-computer interaction, media technology & interaction design. He is a versatile developer with experience in C# and Unity and a passion for streamlining the integration of content into software applications.

VP & Executive Producer

Jessica creates remarkable results through the convergence of business strategy, design aesthetic, technical knowledge, and interpretive storytelling. Jessica leads our team with integrity to ensure our culture is creative, our projects stay focused, and our clients are happy! Armed with her PMP Certification and a UBC Science Degree, Jess balances her formal qualifications with her passion for creativity and innovation.

Technical Manager

An Agile Scrum Master with degrees in both Art History and Computer Science, Valerie brings a diversity of experience and knowledge to her role as Technical Manager. Passionate about user-centric functionality, Valerie gets real satisfaction in finding technological solutions that meet human needs. In fact, one of her many super powers is facilitating communication and problem solving between non-technical clients and a tech development team!

Producer & Project Manager

Diedre is an organized and capable Producer & Project Manager with a degree in Anthropology and a background in tourism. As Producer & Project Manager, Diedre shines by doing what needs to get done when it needs to get done – whether content research, documentation, or QA – all with a delightful sense of humour!

Experience Designer

With a Master of Applied Arts in Visual Design, Jan’s creative voice shines through for our digital experience strategy and conceptual ideation. Jan’s innovative approach to digital strategy incorporates his years of experience in the museum industry and his traditional background in visual arts, industrial design, and visitor experience planning.

Interactive Developer

With an Engineering degree and a Masters in Digital Media, Juan is a skilled software developer with an interest in Human Computer Interaction. With expertise in hardware and software (and a speciality in Unity 3D), he enjoys finding solutions to technically challenging problems and building creative algorithms in different programming languages.